Hi again! If you're on this page you likely want to know the skinny. So here it is.

I am convinced that you were called to something that only you were created to do. The problem is that many of us think we are too busy or lack the know-how to pursue this calling. We are frozen by fear and are relegated to shelving our dreams. 

After working with small businesses for, well...ever, it's become clear to me that women simply need the inspiration to believe it, a strategy to create it, and the tools to do it. That's where I come in. 

Having spent the last 17 years working with creative, entrepreneurial women, co-authoring a book on the subject, organizing ltdLIVE conferences, ltdWORKSHOPS and conducting hundreds of interviews for the ltdBLOG for entrepreneurial women, I know a little about starting and growing a business. With all that experience, and a real desire to help women pursue their calling, I began consulting women to launch and grow their ventures. No matter the platform, I am all about helping women articulate, organize and test the viability and thrivability (it should be a word) of their big ideas...ideas I believe they were created for.


A little back-story...

I’m 40-something and married to Mr. Jones, a modern-day Jimmy Stewart.  He’s handsome and smart, and the kind of person you’re better for knowing. Together we have three children, Sophia, Jack and Asher. Sophia is 13 and has a heart of gold. She is the family documentarian (thanks, Instagram), loves Taylor Swift and can sing like an angel (I can say that because my genes had nothing to do with it). She has launched her own socially conscious venture that combines crafting with giving back. Jack is 11 and the family philosopher and mathematician. He is sure to rock this world with his compassion and sense of justice. When he’s not out back shooting baskets or playing soccer, he’s at the piano creating magic.  Asher is 8 and a bit of a cheeky monkey, as our English friend says. You can find him rocking out on his drums, assembling Legos or sharing general facts. He has the ability to keep you rapt in his latest second-grade adventure and can deliver a joke like nobody’s business.

As for me, I have a special spot for red vines, extra spicy Thai take-out and any cocktail containing lime and gin (ginger, mint and cucumber thank you). 

In 2008, I had the great pleasure of writing a “how to” book with my close friend and former business partner of nine years (at the time). “Sixteen Weeks to Your Dream Business: A Weekly Planner for Entrepreneurial Women” has been one of Amazon’s top-selling business books thanks to its unique day-to-day format.

Before “Sixteen Weeks…” I co-founded nedandshell.com, a retail and wholesale co-op for emerging female designers in NYC. Since 2000, I have taken turns playing the role of CEO, marketer, editor, retailer, wholesaler, business developer, publicist, accountant and HTML destroyer (thank goodness for my webmaster extraordinaire).  We took great joy in seeing our co-op and its designers featured in swanky mags like InStyleLuckyNewsweekWWDElle, Teen Vogue, the New York Post, Daily Candy and the Washington Post.

By far, the number one perk has been meeting and working with the most amazing women and women-owned businesses, such as: Jessica JackleyRicki LakeSoleil Moon FryeJennifer Siebel NewsomRebecca MinkoffHable Construction and Philosophy, to name a few; and to partner and work with amazing game-changing organizations including:  the Tory Burch FoundationJoinFITEAkola ProjectiSanctuaryYOUME, and Miss Representation

Prior to living the entrepreneurial dream, I launched my career in communications working for some biggies like Estee Lauder, Bloomingdales, Carolee, Nike and Patagonia. I started out as a public relations assistant for a small firm in Boulder, Colorado, and ended my corporate stint as the Director of Marketing for the nation’s leading arbitration and mediation company in Washington, DC.  My experience, both in corporate America and as an entrepreneur, has given me invaluable insight into the essentials of launching and growing a successful business.